Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010

They say "absence makes the heart fonder"? Hmmm. If that cheesy cliche is true? That means all my friends missed me like crazy!! I'm sorry for the hiatus but a brotha has been way too busy. But to have my wife tell me several of you asked about me? Talk about making a cowboy happy! The last couple of weeks have been a "challenge", to say the least, but I'm still standing! God is awesome. I'm in such a zone tonight. I betcha you're probably wondering why? I thought you'd never ask. I am less than 3 weeks from getting my minimum custody back. That means I get to hug, kiss and feel alllll on my sexy wifey! Been way too long since I got lost in her arms and the officer had to remind me that I'm not only in a public place but I can't rent a room. Ugh. For y'all in a loving, hot, spicy marriage/relationship? You know what I'm talking about. If you're single and you aren't hatin' on me, at least I got you pumped to look for that "Mr./Mrs. Right".

Remember the "Brother's Keeper Disciple" class I mentioned? Well, the seven week class was completed. We ended with a bang. We bought popcorn, made two cakes and had fun. All the men enjoyed it and we have other men who are ready to start the next one. Oh, now you wanna be up in my business. Huh? You wanna know how a Texas Prisoner makes a cake? Well, you make a crust out of powdered milk, vanilla wafers and then put it in a bowl. Then for the flavor of the cake you use cookies. You make a rich icing and put a chico stick, scatter nuts on top and there it is! Hey! Don't make me feel like Martha Stewart! Maybe I'll give you the whole recipe but only if calories do not matter because this will bless you with "love handles" your spouse will be able to hold on to for decades!

Football season is here. IF you are a Dallas Cowboy fan? You are NOT smarter than a 5th grader. But don't those Houston Texans look good? Even if you don't like football season? All convicts do...for two reasons. One, because we get to watch games as "arm chair quarterbacks" and exchange "The Biggest Lies" of how IF we hadn't have....we'd be in your television screen! And two? Time just seems to fly by in football season. The weekdays run into each and before you know it? We're cold, sleeping in thermals, with our jackets on and an extra blanket (if we can barter for one) because Texas prisons don't have heaters. And worse? On the most decrepit, old units like the one I'm on? It's soooo hot in the summer? Inmates bust out window panes to get air. As punishment? The administration "coincidentally" can't get the windows fixed until after winters over. So, next time your darn "heat" gets too warm? Or your fire place kindles into a raging inferno? Thank God you don't have to go to sleep dressed in ski clothes and still wake up with icebergs from the titanic stuck in your hair. But that's not a complaint. I love turning into a snowman every winter. :-)

And how did you all do with the "summer diet plans" this year? Did you meet your goals? I THOUGHT I'd had the best summer of consistent workouts. Eating decent. A brotha went to the infirmary, got on the scale and just that quick, I was almost subjected to "psyche" meds. Why? Well, see what happens when you get caught in a clinic, where security is "deep", TALKING TO a runaway scale that won't stop! And here I was, each weekend, flashing my wife my "boobies" feeling ENTITLED to my Mardi Gras beads. The whole time she's smiling---probably should have asked her "What ya smiling at?" Huh? She’s probably jealous cause mines are.....Ooops! Anyways, I'm twenty pounds past my goal so pray for me. You think it's that cake recipe? But it's sooooo good!!

As you all know, I'm not only married to a HOT woman whom I love, like and who keeps my mouth salivating....(Too much information?) Anyways, I have a best friend here, my neighbor. His name is Terry Decker, TDCJ# 673087, who is 47 years old, white male with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and he would love to meet a single lady. Yeah, I know. This isn't a "prison hookup center" but I not only love him and KNOW he's a good man but I feel AWFUL always talking his ear off about my wife, lover and best friend. Okay...so I don't feel bad! I can’t lie. Anyway, it would be cool if one of you women could write my brother in Christ. He's funny, kind and does not need your money. He just desires a friendship and yeah, my brother not only likes the cakes but he's the "Sara Lee" of TDC and nobody makes ‘em better. Anyway, what a gift this would be from me to him. All I can tell you is, you'll be glad you wrote.

Well, I've bored you to death. Is that a crime, too? What's the sentencing guideline on that one? As much as I bore my wifey? I'll never make parole! God bless yall. I'll close this one with a quote by John Wooden - the late, great coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team....

"Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation....Because your character is WHAT & WHO you really are. Your reputation is only what people THINK you are.

What is your character saying about YOU today?

God bless you. Take care and if you enjoyed this entry? Let me know. Look forward to hearing from me again soon.


Your Brother in White